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A Father’s Affirmation

In a young boy’s life, nothing is as powerful an influence as the affirmation he receives from his father. A boy needs to look into his father’s eyes and hear with sincerity in his voice, “I’m very proud of you.” Or “Great job!” Such words instill confidence and the assurance that dad is on his side.

As a father I want my son to do his best and succeed in whatever he tries. However, I know that my expectations can seem like they’re too high. I know first hand the feeling of growing up and feeling that “I’m not good enough; I never will be good enough.” Having expectations for our sons is important. And if setting our expectations too high can damage a boy’s confidence, then so can setting too low expectations too low or no expectations at all.

I love my son, I’m amazed to see the light in his eyes. I’m amazed to see him achieving academic excellence at all levels. I’m amazed to see that he’s so musically gifted. I’m amazed to see that he’s such a tender, caring person. These are things that I wish were a part of me. But more than anything, I am proud of my son, not because of what he can do, but simply because he’s my son.

When he’s not around, I miss him. Whenever I do something fun, go somewhere new, taste something different I always wish that I could share them with him. I try to take advantage of every opportunity to talk to him about matters of character and conduct.┬áThe best part of my day is when I get to see my kids–when I pick them up from school.

When it comes to maintaining my expectations for him, I know that he’s not going to be able to meet all of them. I hope he knows that I’ll still be proud of him for trying and for doing his best. When I don’t meet up to his expectations as a father, I hope he’ll be just as gracious to me.

I hope you’ll begin to look into the eyes of your son, tell him how proud you are, and how much you love him. When he doesn’t do well, tell him, “That’s OK. You did your best. We’ll try again next time.” Pour out showers of love and praise on your son.

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2003 Toyota Sienna ignition cylinder lock replacement

Have you ever tried to start your Toyota Sienna and your key won’t turn? It may help to park with the steering wheel straight, and when you turn the key, step on the brake pedal, jiggle the steering wheel and then turn the key. However, if that doesn’t help, then you may need to replace the ignition cylinder lock.

My wife had been having trouble with her 2003 Sienna LE for a while. However, recently the problem progressed to the point that she sometimes sat for 15 minutes or more trying to get the key to turn. It was evident that the ignition cylinder lock needed to be changed.

Sorry my pix are so bad. My horrible cell phone camera was all I had to work with.

Model: 2003 Sienna LE

Ignition lock cylinder (Toyota Part No: 69057-45030)

Difficulty: 3/10

Cuts and Scratches factor: 2/10. Spaces are very tight under the dash. I have small hands and skinny fingers, but I found it difficult to work my fingers in to replace the LED light that lights the plastic ring around the Ignition.

Time: 1 hr

Replacement Ignition cylinder lock

Tools: Screwdriver, 10mm Socket, a pin (paper clip will do)


1) Disconnect your batteries negative terminal

2) Remove the bottom panel below the steering wheel (Held in by two phillips head screws)

Bezel cover

Pops out with a screwdriver

3) Remove the round plastic bezel from the ignition. You can get a screwdriver under it and just pop it out.

4. Remove the metal plate. Held in by 3x10mm crews.

5. Disconnect two white wires. There is a rectangular and a smaller square-ish connector, they’re easy to remove.

6. Unscrew the steering wheel lock cable. (Look underneath to see the screw)

7. insert your key into the ignition and turn it to the “Access” position.

8. Use a pin (I used a paper clip) to push in the release button and at then pull the ignition cylinder out.

9. Insert the new ignition cylinder.

10. Screw in the steering wheel locking cable (I don’t know if that’s the technical name for it.)

11. Connect the two white wires.

12. Replace the metal cover (Make sure the bottom right lip goes inside the plastic cover. Then replace the top two 10mm screws.

13. Replace the plastic cover and snap it in evenly. Screw in the hood release cable, and screw in the last bottom right 10mm screw.

14. Replace the ignition plastic bezel.

15. Reconnect the negative battery terminal.


The new ignition lock works great. However, the bad thing is that I now have two sets of keys, one for the doors (of course, a remote entry overcomes this inconvenience) and the ignition key. If anyone knows how I can get my doors reset to match the ignition, please let me know by commenting.


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