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How to change 2003 Sinnna LE Rear Shock absorbers

2003 Sienna LE – Changing Rear Shock Absorber

What you’ll need: 2x10mm open-ended wrenches, 14mm socket, jack. As with any project you do, make sure the vehicle is securely supported by jack stands.

1. Block the front tires for precaution.


2. Remove the rear tires

3. Open the tail gate

3. Locate and pop off the cover for the top stem of the rear shocks.

4. Using two open-ended wrenches, loosen the two nuts holding the stock rear shock.

5. Using a 14mm socket loosen the bottom bolt to the shock.

6. To install the new shock, use place one of the new bushings on the stem.

Screw in the new shock

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