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SOG Powerlock Multitool

I purchased the SOG Powerlock w/ V-Cutter S62 multitool a while back. Among the multitools SOG rates as one of the highest. I had been wanting to get one for quite a while, but couldn’t get myself to fork out $114 for a multitool. However, I saw the S62 at our local Lowes store and picked one up for $59. The pliers are great. The SOG patented gearing system really makes the pliers exceptional. I also like the spring locking feature. Although there is enough play on the tools when they are in the lock position, that it seems dodgy at best to trust the locking feature when using the knife blade, it is tolerable. I am fairly satisfied with all the tools included on the S62 Powerlock w/ V-Cutter. However, last week I was using the phillips screwdriver to take apart a portable speaker system when the screwdriver snapped with very little force being applied.

I emailed SOG’s warranty service dept, and received a prompt reply saying they’d be happy to send out a new phillips screwdriver as soon as possible. I received the replacement part within three days. However, the replacement part looks to be made of the same brittle gray metal (looks like iron) as the original. I will switch out the broken tool and see what happens. I was told by the warranty service rep that his phillips screwdriver broke when he pushed it with his fingers and he guaranteed me that this one will be much stronger. Though I am apprehensive, I am hopeful.

UPDATE: I tried the knife SOG Powerlock (S62) w/ V-cutter’s knife tool last Friday on a piece of pressure treated hardwood. Although I’ve never liked the half-serrated type blades on knives (And I still don’t), I was very pleased with the performance of this knife. It cut through a piece of pressure treated hardwood like it was butter. The cuts were smooth and clean. However there are two negatives about this knife blade.

First, the blade is a bevel cut so one can only perform a slice cut on the flat side of the blade.

Second, the bevel cut blade only allows for a left-handed cut when slicing wood. (I have not tried cutting rope or fabric.) I think I will try to change the knife for the file on the other side of the handle and see if it’ll allow me to cut right-handed.

Although SOG multitools have a reputation for durability and reliability, my experience thus far has led me to conclude that in retrospect, I would not have paid $59 for this tool. I think $29 is about where it should be priced.

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The Means of Repentance from Charles Spurgeon

This is the final posting of excerpts from Charles Spurgeon’s sermon entitled “Turn or Burn” preached on December 7, 1856 at Music Hall, Royal Surry Gardens.

In this, the third and final rubric of his sermon, Spurgeon explains what are the means of repentance.The means of repentance are the grace of God through Christ’s atoning work. This is not a human work, but a gift of God–a grace. Furthermore, the act of repentance often precedes the feeling of repentance. Therefore, if one feels like he cannot repent, he should act like it and the feelings will follow.

Most seriously I say, I do not believe any man can repent with evangelical repentance of himself… Sinner! thou art so desperately set on sin, that I have no hope thou wilt ever turn from it by thyself. But listen! He who died on Calvary is exalted on high “to give repentance and remission of sin.” Dost thou this morning feel that thou art a sinner? If so, ask of Christ to give thee repentance, for he can work repentance in thine heart by his Spirit, though thou canst not work it there thyself… I believe there are certain acts that must precede a sense of repentance. …bow your knees before God and confess your sins; tell him you cannot repent as you would; tell him your heart is hard; tell it is as cold as ice. You can do that if God has made you feel your need of a Saviour. Then if it should be laid to your heart to endeavour to seek after repentance, I will tell you the best way to find it. Spend an hour first in endeavouring to remember thy sins; and when conviction has gotten a firm hold on thee, then spend an hour–where? At Calvary, my hearer. Sit down and read that chapter which contains the history and mystery of the God that loved and died; sit down and think thou seest the glorious Man, with blood dropping from his hands, and his feet gushing rivers of gore; and if that does not make thee repent, with the help of God’s Spirit, then I know of nothing that can.

An old divine says, “If you feel you do not love God, love him till you feel you do; if you think you cannot believe, believe till you feel you believe.” Many a man says he cannot repent, while he is repenting. Keep on with that till you feel you have repented. Only acknowledge thy transgressions; confess thy guiltiness; own that he were just if he should destroy thee; and say solemnly–

My faith doth lay its hand

On that dear head of thine,

While like a penitent I stand,

And there confess my sin.

Oh! What would I give if one of my hearers should be blessed by God to go home and repent! If I had worlds to buy one of your souls, I would readily give them, if I might but bring one of you to Christ.

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